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THANK GOD FOR DOUBTING THOMAS: A skeptical attitude can help us get to the truth

In churches where people easily believe, skeptics may sit quietly…unnoticed. In those rare occasions when they express skepticism, they are often rebuked: “Why can’t you just have more faith?” People give them a certain look—the one that says, “What’s wrong with you?” But is there really something wrong with them?

THE FLESH BECAME WORD: Faith comes from hearing, not seeing

What a dark moment for Mary. Yet it was in her deep moment of darkness—when she could not recognize the face of the person standing behind her—that she heard the voice of the flesh made Word speak her name: “Mary.” Upon hearing the voice, a light within her was turned on—the light of faith! She did not see the face of Jesus, but she definitely heard his voice!

Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Yesterday I went to court for a pre-trial. No, I was not charged with some crime like the ones you’ve seen on CSI. It was “just” a misdemeanor—I received a citation for “failing to stop at stop sign.” The hearing was scheduled at 1:00 p.m. and I was notified that I had to be there […]


I like the Japanese word choku (shown in kanji on left; in kana, ちょく). It means simplicity, honesty, frankness, correctness.

News Ticker: “Cher and some unnamed people killed…”

Is making a name that important? Does it really matter? What if you’re just one of the unnamed folks?

To read more go to Reflections…


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