About the Saints


This site is dedicated to believing women, men and children who have chosen to make Las Vegas their home. It is also dedicated to those who visit and worship with us at Oasis Church. I appreciate the fact that they do not let the Las Vegas Strip and it’s attractions lure them away from an hour of fellowship with the Saints in Sin City.

Since 2000, when I was asked to lead the nondenominational worship at Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, I have the privilege of meeting the beautiful people who come from all over USA, Canada, and, sometimes, from Europe or another part of the world. Some of them I remember by name, but many I don’t. I remember John Seekins who was Shirley’s husband. John went to be with the Lord a few years back and so have moved “up there” permanently. But there are many others whose whereabouts I don’t know. But this one thing I know: God remembers all of us whose lives have touched each other’s in a very unlikely place: Las Vegas. So what happens in Vegas is not forgotten.

Ed Fernandez



Oasis Church…


Ruth & Ed Fernandez

is a non-denominational worship service offered to guests and visitors at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort.

The worship is led by Ed Fernandez, an ordained minister. Ed completed a postgraduate degree in Practical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary (Princeton, NJ), a Master of Divinity at Alliance Biblical Seminary (Quezon City, Philippines) and a Bachelor of Ministerial Studies from Ebenezer Bible College (Zamboanga City, Philippines). He also received graduate theological training from Tyndale Theological Seminary (Badhoeverdorp, the Netherlands) and Drew University (Madison, NJ).

Edward Granadosin

Ed’s wife, Ruth, with daughter, Kristina, and, occasionally, Edward Granadosin lead the singing of well-chosen “praise and worship songs” and hymns(!) that worshipers of all ages and musical preferences will find easy to follow and enjoy singing. His son Kristoffer prepares the song slides, and son Kriston assists in different ways.

When in Vegas, join us for worship. Click image below for location and directions. 


Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort
2711 W. Windmill Ln, 
Las Vegas, NV 89123 

Phone: 702.752.5822   Email: edfer1157@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “About the Saints

  1. Would love to join you but will be conducting Cowboy Church @ South Point Arena for Buckles & Barrels for Bailey. Followed by working the event. God Bless you and your ministry.

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